Precision Machining

Precision Machining Is Our Core Competency
We have extensive experience in machining critical tolerances, complex geometries, and exotic materials, including nickel alloys. Our machining range extends to parts up to 20" in diameter and lengths up to 60" or greater, as determined by specific job requirements. Click here to view our online Precision Machining Equipment.

Support Before, During and After

Making It Easy To Do Business With us
Machining isn't easy. When you do what we do, you get your hands dirty. You're constantly in motion - programming, loading, unloading, measuring, checking, listening, thinking, preparing for what comes next. Taking a print or model and making it into a working part that helps pull oil from the ground, helps a plane take flight, helps medicines be made, helps our country defend itself, helps industries move ahead - that is what we do, and we like to think we do it pretty well.

An unwavering commitment to customer service coupled with the latest in technological support systems means we will consistently deliver the seamless collaboration, complete trace ability, certified quality control, and overall responsiveness our customers have come to expect.

Our CAD/CAM software enables us to work with most solid model files - streamlining the programming process, reducing the margin of error, and ultimately lowering production costs.

Our shop management software allows for real-time job tracking and project management. All open jobs are tracked with an integrated barcode data collection system, allowing us to provide our customers with up to the minute information on in process work.

Our ISO compliant quality control system is maintained online, so you can review part histories, submit conformance issues, or request a change - all your input is instantly registered in our system - helping us better serve you.

Strategic Alliances

Leading The Team To Make It Happen
If your project demands expertise outside our scope of service we have alliances with a wide range of specialty job shops - enabling us to coordinate the right team to get your job done.

Our Vision

A company that takes pride in machining parts.

A company where the owners are out on the shop floor - every day.

A company where integrity, honesty, and accountability are not just words, but core principles.

A company that will return your phone calls, adhere to your specifications, be competitively priced, guarantee timely deliveries, and above all - produce quality parts you can depend on.